Every Sunday

by Crazy Gang

Sold out. Sorry

The original Crazy Gang album got released in '83, we've taken 2 of the stand out tracks for this 12", remastered and extended. Produced by Claudio Simonetti (some of the most memorable italo-disco productions and one of the founding members of cult-horror band Goblin), along with 2 fellow Goblin members (Walter Martino and Massimo Morante). "Every Sunday" is a unique blend of horror-disco and robot electro. Deep vocoders in contrast with the child chorus turn this into a dark and intense track, surely one of Simonetti's most electronic productions and an obvious wink to his Goblin background. The original recording has been extended to 8 minutes, exclusive to this 12". "Telephone Computer" is a quirky electronic disco track with a bassline that sounds almost like Ebm, which still has a very modern feel to it. Includes the original album version plus a more dj friendly edit.

FLEXX002 - Released june 2006