Glittering Night

by hannulelauri

Sold out. Sorry

The debut 12" from Finnish duo hannulelauri embracing 80's style, italo disco and spaced-out rock grooves, giving it their own Finnish twist. First up is "Glittering Night", shimmering electric synth chords washing over a Commodore 64 groove before a Peter Hook soundalike drops a lovely bassline, making New Order comparisons inevitable (a good thing!). Perfect late-night machine funk. Next is "Sally 2000", a more introspective piece with insistent digital strings providing the foundation for a childlike toy chime melody, pulsating bass and more as layer upon layer builds to a fuzzed-out, pixelated yet beatless climax. Finally, the late-night vibe continues as "Sally 2000" gets a version from Finland's techno/house master Jori Hulkkonen who works the track's pleading strings into a more dancefloor-friendly mix.