A Dog In The Night / New Life / Follow Me

by Mr. Master / Blackway

Sold out. Sorry

A one-off collaboration between Radius and Flexx. This split 12" is the result of the collaboration with Casco and is entirely devoted to the prolific genius of production duo Carlo Favilli & Stefano Zito. On the Radius side is the highly sought-after instrumental version of Mr. Master's "A Dog In The Night", originally released in 1983 this timeless piece of italo disco is finally available again. Epic, uptempo proto-house with beautiful synths! The Flexx side holds 2 obscure tracks by Blackway, both originaly released as a 12" in 1982 on the Moon Records Association label which was only pressed in very limited quantities. "New Life" is intense italo electro with insane vocals and suprising arrangements while "Follow Me" has more of a balearic disco feel to it and sounds like Flash and the Pan on crack.